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Use Cases

Insurance Fraud Investigation

VAS helps investigators investigate insurance transactions, identify signs of insurance fraud, and determine the relationship between the insurance company and its customers, employees and third parties.

Vehicle insurance fraud and fake traffic incidents is one of the most common case of insurance fraud. It is not easy to investigate such cases, and much depends on the professionalism of the insurance employees. VAS helps to speed up investigations, identify and visualize unobvious interrelations between persons involved and uncover facts that are difficult to detect without an analytical tool. 

Procurement Fraud.

Identification of affiliated companies

When holding tenders, employees of enterprises analyze the bidders. They screen applicants separately and often do not find anything suspicious.
When analyzing the same data with VAS, it is possible to check whether the founders of the bidders are organizationally related, by being tied through another company. This helps to identify the risks of increasing the cost of work before the tender and contract conclusion.

Investigation of Economic Crimes

In corrupt practices, officials behave cautiously, carefully concealing their crimes, for example, by registering shell companies in the name of their friends. In this scheme, it is far from always possible to establish relations between people. As part of a criminal case, law enforcement officers gain access to information about joint trips abroad, telephone conversations, previous jobs, and much more. It is difficult to manually analyze such an array of data, which is why analytics tools are of great assitance.

Cyber Threats.

Distributed attack on company's infrastructure

A SIEM system detects an incident, for example, an attempt to brute-force a password, a network scan, a DDoS attack. In this case, VAS is integrated with IBM QRadar. The data is displayed in VAS in the form of a single visual attack flowchart: IP addresses are visible; you can also identify physical locations from which the attack originates.

Identifying Tax Evasion Schemes.

Withdrawal of funds through individual entrepreneurs

The product visualizes the funds received from legal entities — stakeholders, which transfer them to the accounts of related individual entrepreneurs to avoid taxes and obtain cash. The security service can easily detect a fraudulent scheme.

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